About Us

More than 2.5 billion photos are taken every day with the mobile phones. However, the possibilities of the cameras are limited. With Blyncke's lenses, every smartphone becomes a professional camera, and every Blyncke user is a professional photographer.

About Blyncke

Blyncke is a Dutch based company. We design and sell high quality lenses for almost every mobile phone. You connect the lens onto a Blyncke phone case or a clip in our webshop. Our phone cases are equipped with a connection to mount a lens on it. 

Why Blyncke?

With Blyncke you always have a professional camera in your pocket. The lenses are made from aluminium combined with a high quality lens made out of hardened glass.

The Product 

- Easy to install

- Always a professional camera in your pocket

- Save money! you don't have to buy an expensive camera

- Upgrade your socials with Blyncke

- Distinguish yourself with better content on your social media

Al our content on our website is created with Blyncke and not photoshopped

Blyncke is part of Dynamic Commerce, a company that is registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (www.kvk.nl). KVK number: 80450830